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What Solutions Do We Offer At MoreCover?

MoreCover.co.za is an online insurance quotes provider in South Africa. While you supply us with a few personal details, we go out and find the best policies according to your needs.  This is all done free of charge, while you go on with your daily routine. So go on and let we do the hard work for you!


What Types of Insurance Quotes Can You Get?

Home Contents Insurance

Your house is  more than just an area where you live. It also includes the majority of your essential possessions which normally takes a lot of investment . At More Cover, we are understand that in the everyday life, things get stolen and mishaps occur. For this reason comprehensive home cover insures the contents of your home against burglary, break-in and unintentional damage from lightning, fire, flooding and bursting of geysers. You can even insure the possessions which you take out of the house every day, such as jewellery, electronic devices, notebook computers and photo devices.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Our objective at More Cover is to serve our customers with the most trusted automobile insurance coverage possible. We know that South African roadways can be harmful to state the least, and driving is laden with possible occurrences. Your car likewise requires substantial monetary investment and for some individuals, is a requirement of their daily life. Car insurance protects you against hijacking, burglary, smash-and-grab and vandalism, and if you choose, also natural disasters and fire. For those of you who take pleasure in straying off the beaten course, you can even cover your vehicle for journeys outside the borders of South Africa. With this type of policy you can feel confident that your car is covered in all parts of South Africa with the best car insurance policy possible.

Funeral Cover

Funeral insurance covers your funeral costs the day you pass away. Many people don’t like to think about this day, but it is crucial as you don’t want your family members to have additional financial worries  in their time of grief.  The premium for this type of policy is normally quite low, but can cover your funeral ceremony, casket, flowers, snacks and everything else that is required at a funeral.

Life Insurance

Like funeral cover, life cover can also cover your funeral, but this policy’s purpose is to provide for your family after the burial.  Think about it this way – if you are the breadwinner in your home, how would your family be able to pay their monthly bills, education and groceries every month when you are no longer there for them? This policy takes care of that. You can choose exactly how your policy should be paid out to your family, whether a once off fee, or a monthly fee.

Hospital Plans

A hospital plan will pay out in the event that you are hospitalized. It usually pays out a fixed amount every day that you are in the hospital and you can use this money for whatever you like, whether it is medical fees or to cover the money that you have lost by not being able to work during that time.  There are several types of plans you can choose from.

Medical Aid Schemes

Medical aid usually covers medical bills like doctor’s fees, dentist fees, surgery costs, eye care, pregnancy, medicine etc. There are many different providers and schemes to choose from, as well many quote providers. Each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Legal Cover

Many people need lawyers in today’s life, whether it is for lawsuits, divorce, buying of property and so on. These lawyers normally charge a hefty fee for their services. With legal cover you will have access to a number of lawyers and the services they offer for a small monthly fee.

Comprehensive Business Insurance

Growing a company is a lot like raising a kid. An effective company is the result of not just many hours of effort, but also substantial monetary investment on the part of business owner. Business insurance assures that your financial investment, and also what is most likely to be your primary source of income, is well defended against any incident. You can cover the physical assets of your company, from the structures themselves to the components inside them. You can also adequately insure the contents of your company properties, such as furnishings, electronic devices and computer systems. With such thorough cover, you as business owner can concentrate on running and growing your company without worrying about these things.